Test and Verification Equipment for Imaging Sensors

SFG2501 sFPDP Data Generator


The SFG2501 sFPDP Data Generator is a bench top interface that extends the capabilities of an existing PC, allowing it to interact with sFPDP data link as a data generator.

The SFG2501 is designed to work out-of-the-box with a standard PC running Microsoft Windows. It allows the software running on the PC to control and exchange data with an sFPDP data link, without the complexity of first installing and testing a firmware core.

Compact size and rugged enclosure means that the SFG2501 is ideally suited to laboratory or field-testing.

The SFG2501 has been used in following example applications:
· Stimulation of a radar-processing unit where the actual radar is not available to provide signals.
· Automated testing of sFPDP based systems.
· Testing radar and sonar algorithms by injecting pre-recorded or simulated data streams.

Interfaces: The SFA2502 requires a USB3 port to connect to a user’s PC or Laptop computer. The sFPDP interface may be fibre-optic (LC) or wire (RJ45).

Flexibility: At the core of this product is the latest FPGA technology allowing the product to be enhanced over its lifecycle.


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