Test and Verification Equipment for Imaging Sensors


“Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) is a high-speed low-latency serial communications protocol standard (VITA 17.1-2003) used in high-speed data transfer applications.

sFPDP targets high data rate real time deterministic applications such as backplanes utilizing a copper physical layer or high bandwidth remote links adopting a fibre optic physical layer. The Link supports standard rates of : 1.0625 Gbaud, 2.125Gbaud, 2.5 Gbaud and also rates supported by target devices up to 5 Gbaud.


RTDC’s sFPDP Core provides the user with a parallel 32 bit interface incorporating full data flow control capabilities allowing flexibility at a manageable data rate providing for easy application connectivity.

The sFPDP core decouples the user interface from the sFPDP functions by using independent transmit and receive FIFOs and at its heart implements the full sFPDP protocol encapsulation and termination functions including CRC insertion and error reporting support.

Xilinx FPGA Support: - It can be implemented into the Xilinx family of FPGA devices connecting directly to GTX transceivers within the FPGA fabric.