Test and Verification Equipment for Imaging Sensors

SFA2502 sFPDP Analyser


The SFA2502 sFPDP Bus Analyser is a bench top interface that extends the capabilities of an existing PC, allowing it to sample low level sFPDP serial characters. The SFA2502 can support users in the development and test of new and existing sFPDP links.

Signals from two SFP cages are electrically looped so that the SFA2502 can be connected “in line” between two sFPDP devices without interfering, apart from nominal latency. Both directions are simultaneously monitored so that, for example, time measurements can be made between control frames and the corresponding responses.

The SFA2502 is designed to work out-of-the-box, with a standard PC running Microsoft Windows. The user interface provides triggering options and displays the resulting samples using tabular and graphical viewing formats.

Compact size and rugged enclosure means that the SFA2502 is ideally suited to laboratory or field-testing.

Interfaces: The SFA2502 requires a USB3 port to connect to a user’s PC or Laptop computer. The sFPDP interface may be fibre-optic (LC) or wire (RJ45).

Flexibility: At the core of this product is the latest FPGA technology allowing the product to be enhanced over its lifecycle.


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