Test and Verification Equipment for Imaging Sensors

Balancing work-load and work-force
We have a policy of undertaking cooperative ventures with other SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) companies. This allows us to call upon their work-force when our work-load rises. It also allows us to fully utilise our work-force when our work-load decreases, thereby helping to flatten the business peaks and troughs.

Join us
If you are an SME employer (or employee) please make contact with us to see if this method of working would be an appropriate alternative approach for you.

You will be able to predict, from the previous pages, the types of skills that we need and can offer. They include:
* Hardware design and development
* Xilinx FPGA code design and development
* Experience with Real-Time Systems
* Windows and Linux programming in C; C++; C#; python
* System Testing and Customer Support, including Documentation and Training

Please contact us directly for further information.

If you are interested in sharing in our current and future successes please contact us directly

Recruitment Agency Policy
We do not recruit via agencies.
Agency messages will be automatically filtered without being read.
Agencies cold-calling us will be referred to this web page.