Test and Verification Equipment for Imaging Sensors


ARTEMIS is a cost and risk reducing test instrument for imaging sensor systems.

ARTEMIS reduces the need for expensive real world trials by using off the shelf equipment to generate scenarios. ARTEMIS is test and verification tool that generates a synthetic environment and can provide the actual electrical returns that a sensor system would expect to receive.

What it does:
ARTEMIS provides a test-shell into which a system or any sub-group of its modules can be fitted for test and verification purposes. Test data do not need to be abstract engineering patterns (incrementing counts etc.) because they can be related to real-world scenarios, for example those agreed with a customer at the start of a project. Scenarios can be used safely to explore fringe conditions, extending those agreed with the customer. The ARTEMIS synthetic environment gives users full control over environmental conditions so performance in ideal conditions (e.g. no radar clutter) to worst-case conditions (e.g. serious clutter, multi-path, high receiver noise, bad weather, partially broken antenna) can be explored.

How it's used:
ARTEMIS uses a selectable area on Google Earth with target information, platform performance information and the tracks the user wishes them to take (a scenario). Target, platform and track information are accepted in industry-standard CSV format, generated by modification of spreadsheet data (using Microsoft Excel for example) or by using the available visual toolset. Changing scenarios is as simple as selecting or (worst case) modifying a data file.


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