Test and Verification Equipment for Imaging Sensors

About Us

About Us:

We have a long history in the design and manufacture of bespoke test and verification equipment and real-time recording systems for major programmes.

These include Eurofighter Typhoon, Gripen and Nimrod plus a Tornado EO/IR reconnaissance pod and an EW airborne radar system. We have also provided equipment for AMSAR, CECAR, Erieye, Rapier, ALARM and many others including several naval projects. We have produced high speed data recording systems for Seaking and Seaspray Radar systems and also for the ASTRAEA UAS programme.

Traditionally, The Real-Time Data Company specialises in high-speed data handling from purpose-built acquisition systems. These products have now evolved into a range of highly sophisticated test and verification systems with a far wider range of applications including our flagship ARTEMIS product.


Our products and special design services, coupled with integration and support are designed for the real-time data applications listed above. The range covers high-speed data sources including radar, sonar and infrared line-scan (IRLS) as well as visual imagery.

Satellite downlink data burst transfers are also in our portfolio. Typically these are for radar or magnetic signature applications. Replacement of existing analogue recorders with digital equivalents requires analogue to digital conversion and format conversions that give greatly enhanced signal-noise ratios compared to analogue recorders.

A combination of these techniques provides systems for data recording, support equipment, stimulators and emulators for a range of major projects undertaken by the European aerospace manufacturers and government agencies.

Our skill base includes:

System design; hardware firmware and software design; small volume manufacture; system integration; trials support and training.