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Digital Twins and Lifecycle Evaluation and Testing - using Simulation





The diagram to the left represents the lifecycle of a project, showing:

·              the physical entity (bottom – blue).

·              its Digital Twin (top – orange).

·              the scenarios that the entity is required to support (centre – green).

The horizontal axis depicts time and the 3 vertical axes (one for each of the above) show the state of evolution (“Progress”). As time progresses, the evolution of both the entity and its twin develops; during the ‘In-Use’ period, changes reflect any physical entity changes.


The following features can be seen:

·        The scenarios (green – centre) are developed early along with some software modelling (top – orange).

·        The scenarios stabilise early in the project lifecycle.

·        The stages of development of the physical entity follow the evolution of the software model (the developing twin).

·        The E&T activities (grey) take place regularly during the lifecycle and are based upon running the scenarios

The E&T activities can use any mix of the physical entity and the software model to the extent of current development until the full scenarios can be exercised – depicted by the increasing fatness of the grey E&T ellipses.

Not depicted in the diagram, and during the In-Use lifecycle phase, a copy of the final software model will be the Twin of an individual physical entity and will be linked to it. This is an important feature of the Digital Twin concept and is how many of the advantages are realised.


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