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An established and respected supplier of test & verification equipment and services


The RTDC has a long history in the design, manufacture and support of evaluation and testing (E&T) equipment and services for major programmes. This includes developing E&T strategy and plans for all stages through to trials, as well as designing and building bespoke equipment and real-time recording systems. Our specialist multi-disciplinary engineering team, with the necessary support services, developed our products and services including planning and undertaking sea trials of multi-sensor systems. Radar, EW, sonar, infrared line-scan (IRLS) as well as other electro-optic visual imagery are typical of these high-speed sensors and sensor systems.



Staying at the leading edge, with a change in direction


Many of these projects include high-speed recording with ‘quick-look’ processing of data during bench testing or field trials. The ‘quick-look’ facility is essential to avoid expensive, but nugatory work, if unexpected incidents occur. In-depth analysis, or data reconstruction with accurate cross-channel correlation, are important features of post-recording replay.





Some of our more significant projects…


Projects include support for Eurofighter Typhoon, Gripen, GlobalEye, and Nimrod plus a Tornado EO/IR reconnaissance pod and an EW airborne radar system. We have also provided equipment for ErieEye, AMSAR, CECAR, Rapier, ALARM and many others including several naval projects. We have produced E&T high speed data recording systems for Sea-King and Sea-Spray Radar systems and for the ASTRAEA UAS programme. Satellite downlink data burst transfers are also in our portfolio. Typically, these are for radar, visual or magnetic signature applications.