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Dr Dave Murray, our founder and CEO, is promoting techniques for the future of Evaluation and Testing (E&T)*.




Dave’s Engineering Doctorate research was into the use of simulation for E&T of military sensor systems (awarded by UCL 2013).


E&T* can help the MoD to “get a grip” on equipment delivery.


Defence projects are associated with late delivery, overspend and can be deemed to be not-fit-for-purpose. Dr Dave Murray believes that an effective E&T implementation would improve efficiencies.


“get a grip:-  “In a report released on 15th July 2020, the Public Accounts Committee highlighted the Ministry of Defence’s continued ‘lamentable failure to ‘get a grip’ and deliver on key defence capabilities needed by the UK’s Armed Forces.”

See Parliamentary Report



The intentions of this website are:

1.     To inform about our background (The RTDC) in the area of E&T – go to.

2.     To demonstrate how E&T techniques can be used as an effective way to monitor progress by:

        a.      Introducing Digital Twins – go to.

        b.     Introducing sources of information – go to.

        c.      Providing contact information to promote discussion and ideas – go to.


* E&T or T&E   T&E is the most used form. Evaluation involves inspection of existing evidence, maybe with inference or calculation. Testing is an additional way to provide evidence for evaluation – but is usually expensive. It seems logical to evaluate existing evidence before defining what further testing is need to supplement it – hence E&T!